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The Fame Reporter interviewed Australian performer, Elenoa Rokobaro. Elenoa is currently starring as Susan in tick, tick…BOOM the musical, a show by creator of Rent, Jonathan Larson. The show is touring Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in 2023.

Just prior to the opening night of RENT in New York City, its creator and composer Jonathan Larson tragically passed away before getting to witness his masterpiece. But, before RENT, Larson had created another musical. And just like his Tony Award winning smash hit, it was another piece of genius left behind.  

The year is 1990 and a promising young composer is grappling with a career as an artist, whilst staring down turning 30 in New York City. Whilst being torn between fear and love, he faces one of life’s greatest questions… What do we do with the time we have? 

We sat down with performer Elenoa Rokobaro and talked about her involvement in tick, tick…BOOM, what is unique about this production in particular, what she loves about Jonathan Larson’s storytelling and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter. What was it that sparked your interest in performing initially?
What sparked my interest in performing, would have to be that fact that I grow up in a musical family. They all sang in the Church Choir; my late older sister was the Choir conductor. She was an incredible singer, I very much aspired to one day be just like her.

What about tick, tick…boom enticed you to want to be involved in it?
What enticed me about being involved with this show was how much love and appreciation I have for Jonathan Larson’s work. He truly explores the life of what creatives go through and shows that in the most authentic way. In 2021 I was in the cast of Rent, I played Joanna.

It is only now being in Tick, Tick…Boom I truly understand why Rent was written.

What do you love about working with this cast?
What I love about working with the cast is that we’re all Aussies representing Aussies. Oh and not to mention how talented they all are.

What do you love about Susan’s narrative and character arc?
What I love about Susan’s narrative, is that she truly leads with Love. No matter what choice she makes throughout the course of the show, she continues to have so much grace and love for Jon.

What have you learnt about Jonathan Larson’s artistic struggle from this story?
What I have learnt, is to be present and not take the ones you love for granted.

Life is too short to constantly live by ‘time frames.’

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with?
Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, and Jonathan Larson

What is unique about this stage production of tick, tick…boom?
What is unique about our production is that we don’t leave the stage. Particularly Hugh Sheridan, who plays the role of Jonathan Larson.

It is so much fun diving into the character world. It’s something I had never done before.

Having now been in two of Jonathan Larson’s iconic musicals – Rent and tick, tick…boom – what do you love about his style of storytelling?
Jonathan Larson’s story telling is timeless and it truly resonates with me.

Why should Queensland audiences come along and see tick, tick…boom at QPAC?
This beautiful piece of theatre is so relatable it truly showcases Aussie talent at its best.

You don’t want to miss it!

Fame Reporter Word Play

tick, tick…boom

Dream collaborator

Respect: The Musical
My First musical -A Journey of Women Told Through Music.

Causes you are passionate about
Human Trafficking.

One day.

Celebrity Crush
Michael B Jordon

The Book of Mormon
My one line ‘What the F**k is a Steak Knife?’ So Hilarious.

Coming to America and How to get away with Murder?

Dressing Room necessity
Tissues, Towel, Makeup and Vocal Steamer.

Savoury or Sweet

Favourite tick, tick…boom song
Louder than Words.

Australian theatre scene

Caroline or change
All-time favourite show and role to have played.


Future dream
Have my own Production company.

Finally, favourite thing about performing
The audience.

Thank-you Elenoa for joining us at The Fame Reporter and we wish you all the best for tick, tick…boom.

Playhouse, QPAC
1-5 March

Sydney Lyric Theatre
20 – 26 April

Photos by Jeff Busby supplied

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