‘Any Moment’ Musical Concept Recording Review

A new Musical ​by Bradley McCaw – ‘The Concept Recording’

Inspired by the success of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice, who recorded studio albums before staging a major work (Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita), Award-winning writer/performer Bradley McCaw takes the road less travelled and releases ANY MOMENT ‘The Concept Recording.’

The recording aims to not showcase a Complete Final Musical Theatre work, but present the incredible skills of Australian Musical Theatre performers and the sound and music of an exciting emerging composer, in Bradley McCaw. In addition the album encourages the creation and presentation of new original Australian musicals.

The new musical is set over the course of 24 hours, the work begins at Midnight on New Year’s Eve and moves throughout a single town, hearing stories from various individuals as the clock tumbles toward Midnight and a New Year.

Inspired by the famous John Lennon quote, ‘Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans’ and hit musicals like ‘Closer Than Ever’ and ‘Songs For A New World,’ ANY MOMENT explores what a minute in time truly represents and questions what commonality binds a community together.

Bradley McCaw – Music and Lyrics

The Fame Reporter got a sneak preview of the full album, see spoiler review below in song order before the whole album is released.

1. Twenty More Till

The first track on the recording is performed by Shaun Kohlman, Lizzie Moore, James Shaw & Irena Lysiuk and is called ‘Twenty more till.’ It is midnight. We meet four strangers; a young man running away from home, a woman at a party, a truck driver heading home to his family and a new mother with her crying child.

The song feels very sentimental and each character is beautifully reflecting on what they are going through and their hardships. It makes it feel as though a wonderful story is on the horizon and some characters might connect with each other.

Naming ‘East Brisbane’ and ‘The Spit’ makes someone from Brisbane or an Australian feel very at home and comfortable in this world straight off the bat. The song touches on the feeling of wanting to run away from home or from your fears. It also deals with the judging opinions of others, the issue of loneliness and rejection that we can all relate to.

‘Twenty more till’ is a brilliant opening number about desires, hopes and fears and a grand foreshadowing about the characters and a glimpse into their story before you get further into the show.

Launch Cast, 2018

2. My Phone

Track 2 is titled ‘My Phone’ and is performed by Judy Hainsworth & Shaun Kohlman and tells the story of two strangers at 1am singing about their most prominent personal relationship. It is a quirky and somewhat sensual song about a man and women’s obsession with their beloved phone.

This number is fun and shows the 21st century world we live in and how people get addicted to their devices easily. It also talks about being a home body and keeping their greatest relationship rock solid.

3. Before The Story

Stephie Da Silva performed ‘Before the story’ for the recording and is set at 2:30am. A news reporter rushes to a deadline, questioning the road to this moment and beyond. The ballad is incredible as she expresses the desire to make something of herself before time runs out.

When the beat drops in the last chorus it mirrors the anxiety and stress she has put upon herself. The catch is she desperately wants to try to do better and prove to herself she can be the best version of herself.

Lauren McKenna

4. Next Time

‘Next time’ is gorgeously performed by Lauren McKenna. It is 4am. A woman looks through old photos. She picks up a phone to dial, but stops, she can’t. She sings of a distant relationship and memories of her childhood.

This wonderful melancholy song about a woman’s past relationship with her sister leaves the audience feeling heartbroken, and simultaneously hopeful that they will soon reunite.

5. Doin’ It For The Kid              

Track 5 is titled ‘Doin’ for the kid’ and is sung by an ensemble of vocalists, Jonathan Hickey, Liz Buchanan, Kathryn McIntyre & James Shaw. The time is now 5am. Parents take their children to play a game of sport. It begins at the home of one family, and moves to a group watching from the sidelines.

Jonathan Hickey, Liz Buchanan, Kathryn McIntyre & James Shaw

The tune is up-beat and reveals the reality of being an active and involved parent. The song includes hilarious, sarcastic anecdotes about how clumsy or uncoordinated their kids are, especially at sport.

6. She Walks In

James Shaw performs the next song ‘She walks in’ with his whole heart. The song is set at 8am. A man ponders his long term marriage. The beautiful music and lyrics are wonderfully performed by James as he conveys the emotion he feels when he sees or hears his wife.

It is breathtaking and a lovely glimpse of his true love for her as he thinks about their marriage and what turn it will take next.

7. Rovers Song

The next recording is titled ‘Rovers Song’ and is sung by Emily Vascatto.  At 9.40am a young girl explains her parents impending divorce, to her dog. This is a bouncy, fun melody as the girl expresses her undying adoration for her puppy Rover.

The song is a sweet but heartbreaking tune about how kids deal with their parents splitting up and the repercussions of that.

8. Rock and a Hard Place

‘Rock and a hard place’ is performed by the talented Shaun Kohlman. In the story it is now 11.15am. A man, trapped by his own choices outlines an addition.

This bluesy, soulful number is about competing choices and the many temptations in life.

9. The World Goes On

Track 9 represents the power of the next generation in ‘The world goes on’ sung by the stunning vocalists, Kathryn McIntyre, Irena Lysiuk, James Shaw & Shaun Kohlman. Set at Midday. A group of students stage a protest in the city.

This piece is an inspirational anthem about standing up for what you believe in. The ensemble of voices in the song acts as a catalyst for change as the students raise their voices in unison in this spectacular song, for a defining moment in history.  

Kurt Phelan

10. Church on Murphy Street

Kurt Phelan is the star of the number, ‘Church on Murphy Street.’ 1.30pm. A man implores himself to move on, as his ex gets married at the Church across town. This performance is a somber ballad about a lost love and the one that got away.

Phelan emotes a feeling that a lot of people can relate to, when someone you love slips through your fingers. In the beautiful performance you can feel the pain and rush of emotion as his heart is ripped out of his chest as the one he loves moves on.

11. Hard To Keep a Good Girl Down        

The last track on the concept album is called ‘Hard to keep a good girl down’ and is presented by the powerful Lizzie Moore. The song is set at 3.10pm. A woman unpacks the ending of her marriage.

The raunchy number is about a woman closing a hard chapter in her life and it carries an old-school Broadway jazz feeling. There is so much power and emotion in the song as she speaks of her past lover and her performance was second-to-none.

Overall ‘Any Moment’ is a dynamic compilation of songs with brilliant, emotive and relatable storytelling. The album covers the fun, up-beat nature of life with the juxtaposition of everyday obstacles that ordinary people face.

The collection of songs flows beautifully jumping from one story to the next with extraordinary performances from the best in Australian musical theatre. This is a moving body of work that will no doubt evolve into a smash musical, that not only theatre lovers will connect to, but a lot of music enthusiasts too.

Congratulations to Bradley McCaw for capturing the simple essence of live theatre through the lens of the world we live in today and for creating beautiful Australian theatre.

4.5/5 stars

Listen and stream the first songs on the recording – NEXT TIME & TWENTY MORE TILL on Spotify and Itunes now and stay tuned for the Pre-sale of the entire album coming soon to Itunes!

Chapel Off Chapel Launch Cast

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Music & Lyrics by Bradley McCaw
Mixed & Mastered by Geoff McGahan
Additional Recording by Stephen Rumph
Produced by Bradley McCaw 

Drums by Steve Francis
Bass by Jeremy O’Connor
Guitars by Toby Loveland
Piano/Keys by Bradley McCaw
Orchestrations by Bradley McCaw

(c) 2019 Old Fashioned Productions