Neon Tiger roared into Brisbane

La boite Theatre Company’s Neon Tiger was absolutely fantastic and had a sense of nostalgia about it! See our review below!

The fascinating new age story of Andy and Arisa set in Bangkok, Thailand is an incredible two woman show.

The show follows Lisa Hanley as the quirky, awkward traveller Andy as she escapes heartbreak in Australia to find meaning in a karaoke job in Bangkok. She is a nervous but confident musician trying to write an album but constantly procrastinates pursuing her dreams.

In comes Arisa a half Thai American girl played by Courtney Stewart, who grew up in New York and had not really ever been curious about her Thai roots. Her mother passes away and she travels back to Thailand where it all began.

There she meets Andy and instantly forms a connection as they try to be there for each other whilst having polar opposite personalities.

Some highlights include the Hungry Jacks scene, Andy sings about when she dies she wants body to be fed to sharks. Coincidently their love blossoms as Arisa reveals that’s what she wants when she passes too!

This moving story does an excellent job of crow barring into the minds of the women by breaking the fourth wall and allowing the characters to talk to the audience in the middle of a scene about what they are really thinking.

The music in this show is catchy and relatable to a modern young adult audience. Lisa Hanley is an incredible singer and musician. She exemplifies that talent beautifully as she portrays her character, Andy and the tough and heartwarming moments she experiences.

Courtney Stewart embodies her character, Arisa with such grace and strong opinions. The relationship she has with Bangkok has just begun, but the way she conveys her kindling romance with Andy is subtle but gorgeous. Stewart is a brilliant actress and demonstrates how vulnerable she can get when she talks about Arisa’s late mother.

Congratulations to all and the creative team, all women – Julia Rose-Lewis, Gillian Cosgriff and Kat Henry for a lively and passionate new show.

Get your last minute tickets to this wondrous and unmissable production before it closes 17 November – head to now!

4/5 stars