Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical: Jackson Reedman

The Fame Reporter interviewed talented Australian performer, Jackson Reedman currently starring in the Ensemble of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical. Playing in Brisbane from 2 – 26 September at QPAC’s Lyric Theatre.

Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Jackson trained in both dance and singing from a young age. He performed in many local productions whilst growing up which is where he found his love for the stage. After graduating from high school he travelled to New York City to begin his training in the performing arts. Jackson returned to Australia to finish his tertiary training at Patrick Studios Australia, studying Musical Theatre under the guidance of Andrew Hallsworth.

Jackson is thrilled to be apart of the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory cast, which marks his professional Musical Theatre debut. Jackson would like to thank his family, friends and mentors for their unconditional support and guidance over the years.

We talked to Jackson about what enticed him to want to join Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what its been like making his professional theatre debut and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Jackson, what sparked your interest in performing initially and what is your favourite Wonka candy or chocolate? 
Thank you for having me! I started dancing and singing from a very young age which definitely sparked my interest in performing as a career and my favourite chocolate would be A Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudge Mallow Delight!

What drew you to be involved in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical and what was your audition experience like?
I have always loved the story from a very young age so when the auditions came up I had to do it.

I had a great audience experience with the Broadway creatives, very fun and very quick!

What was it like making your professional musical theatre debut in this show and what did you enjoy about the Sydney and Melbourne seasons?
Dreaming about performing in musicals as career to then it actually coming true is an incredible experience. To do it in Sydney was amazing as I had grown up seeing musicals there and then to be doing it myself was a dream come true.

What did you love about learning the craft of musical theatre in New York City with Broadway at your fingertips?
I think all performers dream of Broadway so to actually see it right in front of your eyes really teaches you lessons into what the industry is actually like.

I was lucky enough to be taught by Broadway professionals which I bring into my work today. 

How challenging is it to be in the ensemble how much fun is it?
It is a huge amount of fun, especially because you go through the show with a large cast. Definitely doing eight shows a week has its challenges physically but making sure to take care of your body and mind is always key. 

If you were an inventor at a factory, what do you think you would create?
I like this question haha. I would have to say that I would create Chocolate that no matter how much you eat you will never get a stomach ache. 

What do you love about the Queensland theatre scene and what are some of your future dreams?
I love the Queensland theatre scene as it’s like a family and is constantly growing.

I think Queensland are really expanding their theatre scene and it’s so exciting.

I honestly dream just to continue to work in this crazy industry of ours and be grateful for every chance I get to work. 

What is your favourite moment in the show?
My favourite moment to perform in the show is when the Factory gates open for the first time and we perform ‘Must Be Believed to Be Seen’, it’s a big spectacle number. 

What is the most rewarding and challenging part of this show?
The most rewarding is being able to tell a story to an audience, walking out on stage and seeing all those people looking back at you is an amazing feeling.

The most challenging would be backing it up eight times a week, making sure every show is fresh and new. 

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with?
Judy Garland, Beyonce and Peter Allen

Why should audiences come along and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
No matter if you are five years old or ninety-five years old there is something in it for everyone.

From spectacle numbers to heartfelt moments to of course the amazing Oompa Loompas.

Fame Reporter Word Play

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Fountain

Spirit Animal

Bucket list

Favourite style of dance

Everlasting Gobstopper or Wonka Bar


Favourite mantra when you are down
It will happen when you least expect.

Favourite musical

Any secret talents
Horse Riding



Favourite song in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Pure Imagination

Dressing Room necessity
Water bottle

Celebrity Crush
Matt Bomer

Go-to dance move

Roald Dahl

Can’t live without
Iced Latte

Favourite Chocolate ever
Black Forest


Favourite Artist
Judy Garland

Place you want to travel to

Future dream
Have children

TV Show Binge
The Crown

Finally, favourite thing about performing
Being apart of a family

Thank-you for joining us at The Fame Reporter and we wish you all the best for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical!

QPAC, Brisbane
2 – 26 September 2021

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