‘A Very Naughty Christmas’ sleighs Brisbane with comedy gold and festive cheer!

Brisbane’s resident sexy Christmas comedy spectacular ‘A Very Naughty Christmas’ presented by Woodward Productions is back again for its 6th year running and the opening night sleighed with incredible musical numbers, comedic sketches, and hilarious show-stopping performances at the legendary La Boite Theatre.  

The cast of local performers and brilliant live band took the enthusiastic audience on a wild ride with naughty Christmas themed scenes at the forefront. Of course, no Christmas themed show would be complete without a cheeky Elf (Shay Debney), dubious Santa Claus (Stephen Hirst) and a myriad of his helpers to get Brisbane in the ‘spirits’ of the season.

The show was effortlessly comedic and racy as they took classic modern pop and traditional Christmas carols and reworked the lyrics to suit the 18+ audience. This is particularly potent when Emily Kristopher’s character, one of Santa’s helpers, was flirting with an audience member and knew she couldn’t have him. So, she called out for Shay Debney the show’s resident Elf. Emily then started singing what the giggling crowd thought was ‘I Touch Myself’ by the iconic Australian band, the Divinyls. However, the song was performed with a festive twist as she belted ‘I Touch my ELF’ as Shay and Emily hilariously made the audience wheeze with laughter as she sexy danced around him singing the hit song in a comical fashion. The cabaret style show was quintessentially VERY Australian with plenty of true-blue innuendos being tossed around which the vocal audience most definitely appreciated.

Audience participation was utilised in a joyful and humorous way. This was illustrated halfway into the performance with their fast-paced cliff notes version of the story of the birth Christ, so to speak. Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the Donkey (or two Donkeys in this case) and Three Wise Men were among the audience volunteers to participate in the show. This resulted in hilarious tipsy members of the crowd ‘acting’ out the Jesus origin story which made for an even more enjoyable LIVE theatre experience.

From three women sexy scat singing ‘Six white boomers’ with headlights on their chest, to singing a drunken family truth-telling of ‘The most wonderful time of the year’, to a partially nude Santa in a gift box square dance that made the audience silent laugh until they snorted and an ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ finale number to conclude an unpredictable and jubilant night at the theatre this is a show not to be missed.

Not only is ‘A Very Naughty Christmas’ an original work of comedy genius, but it also highlights the undeniable talents of the triple threat cast. From impeccable tap dancing, to sensational belting of famous holiday hit tunes with surprising unexpected turns, to intoxicating burlesque numbers featuring Santa’s little helpers; it combines a smorgasbord of holiday cheer for the naughty vixen reindeer in all of us. A perfect night out this Summer for a unique Aussie Christmas experience with a touch of naughty, don’t miss it Brisbane.

TICKETS 🎟 A Very Naughty Christmas – La Boite Theatre until 17 December.

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