Stephie Da Silva

The Fame Reporter interviewed rising musical theatre performer, Stephie Da Silva.

Stephie is so excited to be involved in Old Fashioned Production Company’s Original Concept Recording of a new musical, ‘Any Moment’ with Music and Lyrics by Bradley McCaw.


The show is set over the course of 24 hours, this original two-act revue is inspired by such works as Closer Than Ever, I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change and Songs For A New World. Each song and scene take place in the one town, as the musical drops into different people’s lives through the course of a single day. We begin at midnight, and progress through the ‘every day stories’ that unfold minute by minute. Hour by hour.

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Originally from Uruguay, Stephie Da Silva graduated from The London School of Musical Theatre. Her career in theatre has taken her all over the globe. Her credits include Mimi in RENT (QPAC and The Bridewell Theatre, London), Female Swing In The Golden Voice (The Arts Theatre, London), Principal Vocalist In The World of Musicals (European tour and Australian tour), an Principal Vocalist in Princess Cruises.

We spoke to Stephie about her career in musical theatre thus far, her involvement in the new concept recording ‘Any Moment’, her love for theatre in Brisbane and more.

See our interview below and in the video above!


Welcome to The Fame Reporter Stephie, what was it that sparked your interest in acting/musical theatre initially?
Disney. I was obsessed with Disney as a child. It was pretty much an obsession. I found that expressing myself through music and through sound was so freeing and when I realised there was something such as musical theatre it was kind of the answer to all my problems.

What is the ‘Any Moment’ concept album about and what drew you to be involved? ‘Any Moment’ is a show that revolves around 24 hours from 12 midnight to the following 12 midnight. It’s all these individual stories that are basically your everyday moments with all these different characters. It’s a show that reaches a lot of people because of it’s simplicity that way. The reason I got involved with it is because Bradley McCaw who created the music and lyrics got in touch with me through social media. I think he’d seen a show that I’d done before and wanted a contemporary voice for one of the characters, which is ‘The Reporter’ who I play. I said yes and that was it.

You will be performing a song on the record called ‘Before the story passes by’ what is the song about and what did you enjoy about it?
The song that my character sings called ‘Before the story passes by’ is about this reporter and she is trying to capture the story before it escapes her. The whole duality and conflict of her really trying to do the story justice with a timeline and a million things going on in a day. I also think it’s got a lot of side connotations for me personally. It’s kind of that battle for her to do something meaningful with her life before she runs out of time. I think it’s something we can all relate to. Not so much because that’s the way life is but it’s what society puts upon us. That we have to make something of ourselves and we have to create something of ourselves before we expire. It’s a silly pressure but it’s something that we all relate to. It’s a very desperate feeling.

I enjoy it because me, like everyone I constantly feel that. Am I achieving enough in my career? Am I not? It’s this catharsis get out of the system cry feeling.

How was your experience attending The London School of Musical Theatre? How did that experience affect your current career progression?
The London School of Musical Theatre was the best experience of my life, the most terrifying experience and the most incredible time. It faced me with reality that if this was something that I wanted to do I had to really step right into it.

What performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with and why?
Ellen DeGeneres for sure because that woman makes me laugh. I would have from the movie Step Brothers, it’s going to be two characters, Brennen Hough and Dale Doback, the two brothers from Step Brothers. They are the best thing I’ve seen in my life. They have pillow fights with soap bars. Also Stevie Wonder so he can serenade me with his beautiful voice.

What did you learn whilst portraying Mimi in Rent this year?
Rent was an incredible experience. That was the second time I played Mimi in Rent and I’m obsessed with that role. She is so real, vulnerable and strong. There is so much duality to her that it’s so rewarding to play that part because there is so much you can bring out.

The whole cast was fantastic and The Cremorne Theatre was insane. That show itself is one of the best shows I’ve ever heard and the message behind it. It’s just one of those really rewarding jobs we get once in a while where we know there is a purpose behind this show and character. I hope that this touches people’s lives and changes things. We were super lucky to get to do that show.

What do you love about theatre in Brisbane?
It’s a city that’s thirsty for it. I think that musical theatre is growing, the art is growing. It’s the perfect place to be. I honestly and genuinely believe that with all my heart. I feel very fortunate to be part of the community here in Brisbane to have been accepted here with open arms. I think that’s what I like the most.

Is there any role you are dying to play in the future?
Vanessa in ‘In the heights.’ I’m obsessed with anything ‘In the heights.’ I’d love to play Mimi again not going to lie. To be honest I want to do new stuff. New edgy stuff. Any new show with a featuring Uruguayan Latino just come at me.

What has the process of ‘Any Moment’ been like so far?
The process has been amazing. I’ve never been in something where its been created from scratch. Brad has just created this from nothing, this song and 16 other songs from nothing.

Just to see the evolution of it is quite incredible. I haven’t even met all of the performers yet but the people I’ve seen and the songs I’ve heard so far are amazing. They are very unique as well. I feel like everyone brings a very individual and unique character to the story. Its been pretty incredible.

Fame Reporter Word Play

Favourite musical?

Broadway Celebrity crush?
Karen Olivo



Spirit Animal?




Guilty Pleasure TV show?
Pretty Little Liars


Essential Dressing Room necessity?


Lin Manuel-Miranda?

Favourite Catchphrase?
That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Place you want to travel to?
Machu Picchu

Netflix Binge?
Brooklyn Nine – Nine


Dream Show?
In the heights



Favourite RENT song?
Out tonight

Any Moment?

Finally, favourite thing about theatre?

Thank-you Stephie for being our guest at The Fame Reporter we wish you all the best and chookas for ‘Any Moment.’

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They will be supported by a 5-piece rock ensemble with music, lyrics and orchestrations written by award-winning composer/playwright Bradley McCaw.

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