Infinite Wonderland Store’s: Megan Sweeney

The Fame Reporter interviewed the incredibly creative Broadway, Disney inspired fashion/graphic designer, Megan Sweeney of Infinite Wonderland Store.

Megan lives in the heart of New York City and has wanted to create her own line of clothing for as long as she can remember. She established Infinite Wonderland just over 1 year ago and she has created a place for dreamers and whimsical ones to celebrate their individuality. It’s cheeky, creative, fun, and full of pop culture references we all know and love including an array of theatre and Broadway inspirations for the avid musical lover to wear with joy.

We talked to Megan about what enticed her to start her own online fashion brand, how her love for theatre & pop culture whilst living in New York City informs her designs, how self-isolation in NYC affects how she works and more.

See our fun and insightful interview below!

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Megan, what enticed you to create your own online fashion shop – Infinite Wonderland?
I wanted something that was my own. A way for me to design what was missing in the market that I wanted to wear and to be my own boss. To really get into the Disney Small Shop community and see what people wanted on my own.

I have wanted my own clothing line for years and never thought this is what it would be but I have never been happier!

You are an incredible designer, who or what inspired you to get into graphic design and creating?
Thank you! I have always been interested in graphic design in some form but now have fallen in love with digital art and drawing in Procreate. I don’t remember the exact place I learned about it but I really fell in love with digital graphic design when I worked at Danielle Nicole Handbags.

How do you decide what themes and popular culture you take inspiration from?
I look at it on a month by month basis. It depends on what people have been asking for, the season we are in, movies that are celebrating anniversaries or new releases, and whatever strikes me at the moment.

I spend a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas as well as watching lots of Disney movies!

What do you love about your unique method of storytelling through fashion?
Exactly that. That I get to tell a story through my designs and photoshoots that emulate the very stories that inspired them.

I have always loved fashion, photography, storytelling, and fairytales and now I get to combine them all and make my own Disney magic!

We know you love Broadway and theatre. What do you love most about ‘The Great White Way’ and living in NYC and how does that inform your designs?
So so many themes, but I love that (before COVID) I had the option to go see a show whenever I wanted. Granted it’s definitely still spendy, but it is so accessible, everywhere around me and nothing makes me happier.

I love doing photoshoots at theaters and seeing shows to get ideas and inspiration. You can feel the theatrical energy on every corner and the city comes alive in such a unique beautiful way.

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with?
This is SO HARD!! I’m going to go with the first three that popped into my head:

-Michael Crawford: the first show I ever listened to and he was my childhood

-Aaron Tveit: Everyone (including mine’s) Broadway crush, but I would love to sit with him and discuss the roles he has played

-Eva Noblezada: She is so fun and so talented and would be such a fun person to hang out with! She would absolutely bring the party!

You just recently celebrated Infinite Wonderland’s 1st birthday, congratulations! You have gained a large following in a short time, what do you think it is about your brand that attracts your audience?
Thank you! This is truly incredible for me and I really can’t thank my followers enough. It’s all due to the incredible support I have received.

I think it’s the way I style shoots, am so open with my audience, and make my page a place of positivity and color.

How has being in self-isolation in this time affected how you work or create designs for Infinite Wonderland?
The only real challenge is photoshoot location changes. We can’t go to places outside so we have to get creative indoors and work with what we have! I find it a little harder to stay focused and research but I love pushing myself to come up with loads of ideas!

What do you hope for the future of Infinite Wonderland?
I want this brand to really blow up in both the Disney and Broadway community. I would LOVE the option to work with shows and different actors would be incredible!

I really want to grow my audience even more and become a household name!

Fame Reporter Word Play

Spirit Animal
Sea Otter

Bucket list
See the Northern Lights

New York
Central Park and Burgerfi

Favourite mantra when you are down
The universe doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle

Favourite Musical
Right now, Hadestown, Moulin Rouge, and Once On This Island

Celebrity Crush
Colin O’ Donoghue and Elizabeth Olsen

Iso go-to food snack
Brazi Bites Cheese Balls

Can’t live without
Coffee and a cosy sweatshirt

I miss it

Place you want to travel to
Spain or Tokyo

Future dream
Having a family

Disney+ TV Show Binge
Wizards Of Waverly Place

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Thank-you Megan for joining us at The Fame Reporter!

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