Frozen the Musical: Sean Sinclair

The Fame Reporter interviewed Australian actor, Sean Sinclair starring as ice extraordinaire Kristoff in Disney’s Frozen the Musical. Playing at Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre with performances resuming 12 November then playing until 23 January before arriving at Brisbane’s QPAC in February 2022.

Sean graduated from the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney with a Bachelor of Music. Most recently he was seen in Disney’s Aladdin where he understudied the roles of Aladdin and Babkak.  He was also a Swing and Dance Captain in the Australian production of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

Sean is also a member of the internationally famed group The Tap Pack with whom he has travelled extensively, including their Beijing and USA tours. Other credits include: Universal Studios Singapore and Japan and lead production vocalist for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

We talked to Sean about what it is like to embody an iconic character in the new age of Disney, how it felt coming back to the stage after the hiatus, what he loves about Anna and Kristoff’s relationship and more.

How does it feel to be in an iconic Disney Broadway musical as the awkward, real, funny, Kristoff?
Picture this, all of your KRISTmases have come at once and you get to relive it 8 shows a week.

What was your reaction when you found out you landed the role of Kristoff in Frozen and what did you do to celebrate?
I froze. I didn’t know what to think for a few days. Then I celebrated, naturally, with a few cold ones.

If there was a snowperson created from your personality what traits would it have and what would its name be?
My snow persons name would be ‘Frothsty’, he’d be super chill but sometimes he’d late.

Do you have a role in theatre that you are dying to play?
To be honest, I am happy just performing. Being a part of a company, on stage or off, is the one of the best roles to have.

Please describe the music in Frozen for us? What do you love about Bobby and Kristen’s songs?
Its fun, its catchy, you’ll be humming the music a few days after you’ve seen the show without even realising it.

What have you learned about yourself whilst performing in this show?
That keeping fit for an 8 show a week schedule is essential for not only the quality of show, but for yourself as well.

How do you feel being part of one of only a few shows in the world that are able to perform right now and what did it feel like walking on stage with an audience ‘for the first time in forever’?
I am one of very few that are so incredibly fortunate to be performing, and that is a bit of an honour in our current state of the world.

To feel that ‘First Time In Forever’ feeling, the roar of the audience, the smiles are currently covered with a mask but we can still feel their energy on stage and it is something you can’t take for granted.

As Kristoff do you have a favourite line you say or moment in the show?
My favourite moment is Fixer Upper. Its a party on stage with everyone singing and dancing around, and its a number that always gets a big reaction from the audience.

Congratulations on all of your international success performing around the world, what is one of your proudest achievements?
I don’t really have any particular stand out proud achievements.

I am pretty proud and grateful for all the roles and shows that I have been given. Whether it is overseas or here in Australia, it’s all good.

How was it being able to work with the President of Disney Theatricals –  Thomas Schumacher, did he impart any advice or words of encouragement?
I have never met anyone who can give a speech and inspire a group of people with more love and sincerity than Thomas Schumacher. The joy that that man can spread is astounding. You have to see/hear it, to believe it.

What was it like to come together with the cast of ‘Frozen the Musical’ on the first day of rehearsals back in October 2020?
Imagine it’s the first day of school, there’s old friends there, plenty of new people you’ve never met before, old and new teachers. It’s the first day of being with your new family.

What do you love about the relationship between Kristoff and Anna in the show?
It starts off very touch and go but ends up building into something really special by the end of the show.

Why should audiences come along and see Frozen the Musical and how is it different from the film?
Disney shows have a way of completely transporting you for an hour or two.

You forget you’re ‘seeing a musical’ and you become completely invested in a story that you become apart of and get to witness, as it happens.

Fame Reporter Word Play


Spirit Animal
I mean I guess I have to say Reindeer!

Bucket list

Favourite mantra when you are down
You have so much to be grateful for


Any secret talents
Not telling

New York City

Oh deer.


Savoury or Sweet

What do you know about love
Love yourself first.


Dressing Room necessity
A clean space

Celebrity Crush

Tap Pack
The best guys around

Big Summer Blowout or Eternal Winter
Big Summer Blowout.

Is reacting

Favourite Artist
James Turrell

Favourite Frozen song
The finale and the bows

Place you want to travel to?
South Italy

Frozen 1 or Frozen 2
Frozen 2

Future dream
Not sure yet, will have to wait till it happens

TV Show Binge
Peaky Blinders

Finally, favourite thing about performing
You get to focus all of your energy into something you love doing.

Thank-you for joining us at The Fame Reporter and we wish you all the best for Frozen the Musical’s seasons in Melbourne and Brisbane!


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