Showmen || Apollo Jackson

The Fame Reporter interviewed Australian magician, reality television star and performer, Apollo Jackson. Apollo is current starring in the magical illusions production, Showmen at QPAC’s Concert Hall. The show is playing at QPAC from 6-8 April.

Prepare to experience a jaw dropping spectacle of live magic, illusions and stunts with Showmen – a supergroup of conjurers, tricksters, comedians, illusionists, daredevils, dancers and more!

The magic of live entertainment is back, and Showmen presents it in the most spectacular fashion in an unforgettable night of incredible and astounding fun for the whole family.

Starring five of the biggest names in Australian and international magic – Mike TylerChristopher WayneApollo JacksonJosh Norbido and Joel Fenton – collectively these magicians have performed in over 300 cities around the globe and to millions on TV on shows such as America’s Got TalentThe Bachelorette Australia, and Entertainment Tonight!

Billed as “The Avengers of Magic” (9News), the show is recommended for adults, teens, and children aged 7 years and up.

We sat down with Apollo and talked about what enticed him to want to be involved in ‘Showmen’, his love for travelling around the world performing, where his love of magic came from and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Apollo, what sparked your interest in performing initially?  
For me it started at a really young age. From the age of three, all I wanted to do was perform. Everywhere we went was an opportunity to dance and make people laugh.

When I was six years old,  I saw my first ever magic trick and the next year after getting a magic kit for my birthday that was it – I was under the spell!

What does the production ‘Showmen’ entail and the inspiration behind it? 
Showmen is just this beautiful combination of magic, circus, illusions, and stunts.

Five highly experienced, outstanding performers – all with different skills sets in a show that everyone can enjoy.

My favourite part, we’re all best friends on stage as well as off stage!
What do you love about being a magician and what is the most challenging part?  
My favourite thing has to be that magic has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what age you are or your background, everyone can enjoy magic.  Being able to create a moment of wonder for someone is just so special.

The most challenging part is switching off, I find myself always thinking about new routines or the next show. 

What about the show enticed you to want to be involved in it?
The concept of joining four real life magicians in an Avengers style lineup sounded amazing to me, I was very excited for the opportunity. 
What three performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with?  
Houdini, Frank Sinatra and Gene Simmons.

What is it like performing all around the world, on America’s Got Talent and with this cast of performers?  
I love travel because every country has its own culture and vibe. It’s so exciting soaking up that energy and performing in new places for new types of audiences.

I recently returned from performing in Paris and it was such an amazing experience. 

Despite all my travels, still nothing beats the feeling of performing a show like Showmen with four of the best people I know. 

Why should audiences come along and see ‘Showmen’?
This show has everything – action, comedy, stunts, world class magic and illusions.

If I wasn’t in the show, I’d be buying tickets. It really is a show you don’t want to miss experiencing. 

Fame Reporter Word Play


Bucket list
Northern Lights


Favourite mantra when you are down
Keep Smiling


Any secret talents
(Outside magic) Jeweller

Favourite piece of theatre
Rocky Horror

Savoury or Sweet

Dressing Room necessity

Celebrity Crush
Lola Bunny

Can’t live without

America’s Got Talent

Favourite Artist
Tony Champ

The Bachelorette

Place you want to travel to

Australian theatre scene

Reckless Creatures
Art & Metal

Future dream
More Touring


TV Show Binge
The Office

Finally, favourite thing about performing
Being able to make people smile

Concert Hall, QPAC
Playing now from 6-8 April

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