The Mystery of the Valkyrie | Kimie Tsukakoshi

The Fame Reporter interviewed stage and screen actor, Kimie Tsukakoshi. Kimie is currently starring as Irene Adler in the World Premiere production of The Mystery of the Valkyrie. The show is playing at the Playhouse Theatre, QPAC from 11- 19 March.

Sherlock Holmes comes to QPAC with the world premiere of The Mystery of the Valkyrie.

This coming March 2023 at QPAC, one of the most legendary characters of literature and screen comes to life on stage with this highly-anticipated new Australian work.

Journey back to 221B Baker Street with Holmes, Watson, Adler and Moriarty, as this fast-paced dramatic thriller explodes onto the Playhouse stage with extraordinary staging and projections.

Written and Directed by the extraordinary Michael Futcher, this epic play will have you on the edge of your seat, until The Mystery of the Valkyrie is solved.

We sat down with stage and screen performer Kimie Tsukakoshi and talked about what enticed her to be involved in this new Sherlock Holmes play, how thrilled she is to be part of the World Premiere of The Mystery of the Valkyrie, what she loves about her character and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Kimie, what drew you to be involved in The Mystery of the Valkyrie?
It was a chance to play a very different type of role to the ones I had played before. The team sounded great, and who doesn’t love Sherlock Holmes?

What is the show – The Mystery of the Valkyrie about for those who don’t know, and how excited are you to be part of the World Premiere?
The Mystery of the Valkyrie is a thrilling adventure in which Sherlock Holmes, along with his loyal friend Dr Watson, gets drawn into an epic mystery – I don’t want to spoil too much.

You can expect some fantastic action pieces, mysterious deaths, an opera, a hidden laboratory and… a hurdy gurdy.

What do you love about your character Irene Adler and what is her role in the story?
Irene is a famous opera singer who gets involved with Sherlock and Watson’s adventure part way through. Even though their interests align, her confidence and wit means that she frequently butts heads with Sherlock.

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with?
Right now: Pedro Pascal, Bowen Yang and Michelle Yeoh!

What do you love about Queensland theatre in particular?
I always love working in Queensland.

There’s a real collaborative atmosphere here which can lead to some really exciting new works.

What is the most rewarding and challenging part about the show?
The truck movements! In line with the epic nature of the show, we have many movements of the set pieces to create a fast paced adventure through many different settings. They can be fiddly but I think they will also be incredibly rewarding when they all come together.

What do you admire about the cast and creative team of this show?
This cast and creative team is filled to the brim with people I have always wanted to work with.

I admire their work ethic and their incredible talents, and they are also all such lovely people!

Any upcoming projects or future dreams you can share?
My next project is The Poison of Polygamy which is a co-production between La Boite Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company, written by Anchuli Felicia King and directed by Courtney Stewart.

It’s a wild ride of a story, travelling from the opium dens of 19th century China to the goldfields of colonial Australia. I’m incredibly excited to jump on board this one!

Why should audiences come along and see The Mystery of the Valkyrie?
Audiences should of course come along and see The Mystery of the Valkyrie.

If you love a murder mystery, if they love spectacle, and if they love to see local talent shine in new local work.

Fame Reporter Word Play

Sherlock Holmes
Too clever for his own good

Theatre in Queensland

Dream collaborator
Hiro Murai

Causes you are passionate about
New works by diverse voices

Death of a Salesman

Celebrity Crush
Pedro Pascal

Dressing Room necessity
Lots and lots of tea

Savoury or Sweet
Savoury by far

The Bureau of Magical Things
So much fun!

TV Binge
Breaking Bad (I binged it all for the first time over two weeks during lockdown which was… a lot)

Future dream
Booking a gig through my American manager

Finally, favourite thing about performing
Somewhat counterintuitively, it can be great for my anxious brain because it often forces you to be 100% in the moment.
I love connecting with fellow cast and creatives, and then with audiences – it can feel like you’re all on one big rollercoaster together.

Thank-you Kimie for joining us at The Fame Reporter and we wish you all the best for The Mystery of the Valkyrie at QPAC!

Playhouse Theatre, QPAC
11-19 March

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