The Producers Musical – Rachael Ward

The Fame Reporter interviewed the talented Queensland performer Rachael Ward. She is starring as the showstopper Ulla in Altitude Theatre’s musical ‘The Producers‘ – playing at Brisbane Powerhouse at The Powerhouse Theatre from Thu 4 – Sat 13 Mar, 2021.

Winner of a record twelve Tony Awards, The Producers is the smash hit 2001 musical written by comedic genius Mel Brooks.

A fading producer and his mousy accountant devise a brilliant scam: to produce the worst musical ever to hit Broadway, guaranteed to close on opening night. Leave your prejudice at the door and prepare to laugh out loud with this fresh made-in-Queensland season of a musical icon!

A big, brassy show that will fill the room with laughter and will fill your heart with joy.

We talked to Rachael about how she feels returning to the theatre, what she loves about her character Ulla in The Producers Musical, what inspires her as an artist and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Rachael, for you what is the most exciting aspect of returning to the theatre? 
There is something magical and unexplainable about creating art with likeminded passionate people and the energy a theatre holds. I feel my truest self and right at home. That’s what I am excited about returning back to. 

What enticed you to be apart of Altitude Theatre’s ‘The Producers’? 
I saw Jacqui’s post and was instantly drawn to the production as ‘Ulla’ has always been a dream role. I felt it was to always be somewhere along my journey.

I am overjoyed I can play Ulla now, in my hometown with this passionate team of creatives. 

What do you love about your character Ulla? 
Ulla is unapologetically unique. She takes pride in standing out from the crowd.

With a fierce drive and confidence to go for what she wants, knowing of self and triple threat talent, this woman is unstoppable.

What inspires you and keeps you creative during this difficult period that the arts industry is going through? 
I have (and have always had) an inner knowing of what I was put on this earth to do. Although ever evolving, one of those things is to transform people’s worlds through creating and performing art. Hence, I keep on that path.

What did you enjoy about performing internationally in Japan for Singin’ in the rain or in Paris for ‘Cats’ for example? 
Particularly now after this past year of locked borders, my gratitude has soared for my many years of traveling, living and working overseas.

Having those work experiences in different countries and cultures made me grow so much as a person and performer.

I so look forward to when that opportunity opens up freely again.

How do you feel being part of one of only a few shows in the world that are able to perform right now? 
Beyond grateful. My focus in the rehearsal room right now is to stay truly present soaking up every bit of the experience as I know how fortunate I am to be having it.

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with? 
Hugh Jackman. Barbra Streisand. Ann-Margret 

What do you love about Queensland theatre in particular?
Being a kid growing up in Queensland, going to the theatre was always a big deal. Some shows never got here, so my parents would buy me tickets to the big show in Australia and we’d fly to Sydney or Melbourne for a special event. 

Patrons appreciate theatre here and never take it for granted which is what I love most about performing in Brisbane. You feel the support backing you all the way.

What do you think audiences will love about this version of ‘The Producers’ and what is the best way we can support the arts industry at this time? 
BUY TICKETS! The more people can invest in us, the more we can give you. This production is created on the company involved so is going to be fresh and exciting whilst still staying true to its original vision. 

Fame Reporter Word Play 

The Producers
“Ven you got it!!!” 

Spirit Animal
Swan / Phoenix I can’t decide! 

Bucket list
Reaching the peak of a mountain 

Australian Theatre
Amazing right now! 


Favourite mantra when you are down
You got this!” 

Favourite Musical

My life blood 

Favourite song in ‘The Producers’
‘That Face’ – that era! 

Comedy or Drama

Brisbane Powerhouse
Nature! Beauty! Culture! Art! 

Singin’ in the rain

Celebrity Crush
I mean who couldn’t crush on Chris Hemsworth?

Can’t live without
Water, freedom, love. 

Wizard of Oz

Future dream
LA – film & family. 

TV Show Binge
Recently it was ‘Zoey’s extraordinary playlist’? 

Favourite thing about performing
That untouchable force 

Thank-you Rachael for joining us at The Fame Reporter and best of luck with ‘The Producers’ at Brisbane Powerhouse.

The Producers Musical
Thu 4 – Sat 13 Mar, 2021
Brisbane Powerhouse

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