Bradley McCaw: Debut Album ‘Worried Minds’

The Fame Reporter interviewed the Australian award-winning singer-songwriter and musical theatre performer Bradley McCaw. Bradley will soon release the first single from his debut album. The single, “SO GLAD” will drop worldwide on 21 May, with the full album, WORRIED MINDS, releasing on 5 August.

We talked to Bradley about his debut album, how it was working with legendary producer Louis Shelton, what he loves about songwriting and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Bradley, what inspired your new single ‘So Glad’?
People know of my musical theatre work and singing classical or cabaret songs, but rock n roll has always been part of my life. The first two songs I really loved, I found on the same day. I was going through an old CD collection and found Anthony Warlow singing THIS IS THE MOMENT, and Billy Joel’s JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Since then, I have always loved and created both rock’n’roll and musical theatre. 

As musicals take much longer to get on stage I spent the last ten years devoted to that alone and during covid we completed this album, a passion project I’d been working on secretly for five years.

SO GLAD is the first single from the album and it’s a song that just makes me want to dance. It’s fun and so happy and has some real classic Motown, Blue Eyed Soul vibes…

What is it about writing your own music that you adore?
I’ve been writing songs as long as I have been singing. I don’t know if, I could in all truthiness profess to know why. I guess I just really love music. That’s such a cliche answer but it’s also the truth. I’m that guy that’s on your public bus, bopping like he’s had one too many gin and tonics, and isn’t aware you are smirking at his ‘extra-ness.’

Sometimes I just get caught up in it. Great musicians. Great songs. Great performances. Great groove. I think I’ve always just wanted to be apart of that. And hopefully make something that gives or provides that same ‘extra-ness’ for somebody else. 

How thrilled are you for your debut album ‘Worried minds’ and what kind of music will the album encompass and what enticed you create this piece of art?
The album is a homage to 1970’s rock n roll.  Inspired by my love for Billy Joel, Elton John… the great piano singer/songwriters of that time. It features all new songs co-produced by Louie Shelton who made music with Jackson 5, The Monkees, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Art Garfunkel, Whitney Houston – and so many more!

I knew I wanted to work with Louie on this album because he would take my songs to an authentic place and bring some of that 70’s magic to the album.

We were also blessed to have Nathan East play bass on the record, who like Louie is one of musics true legends. He’s played on records by Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, George Harrison… and I COULD GO ON!

What was lockdown like for you as a creative? Were you able to find inspiration during the crisis?
Yes, we actually finished this record during the various lockdowns of 2020/2021. We were able to utilise our time and really focus in on bringing it to competition. In a lot of ways this time also helped provide some space to re-consider things and helped bring attention to the kind of songs I desired to sing and perform.

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with?
That’s a tough question. Man oh man…. I’m going to pick three artists that really inspired this record. Billy Joel, Van Morrison and Paul Simon.

What did you love about working with legendary producer Louis Shelton on your album?
Louie is one of those people that makes everyone around him better. Just by being in his presence you are pulled up toward to his level.

The same can be said about everyone that’s played on this album, but, Louie has also been involved in so many hit songs. He is part of pop music’s incredible legacy. And to say, I’m a tiny little twig on the very edge of that incredible, enormous tree!? Well it’s just such an honour and I’m so humbled.

Congratulations on all of your success, what is one of your proudest achievements and what are some of your future dreams?
The great thing about a pop record is, once it’s complete… It’s DONE! You can’t go back and change a lyric or song like in a musical. I’m so proud that this music is about go out into the world and I can’t wait for you and your readers to hear it!

I have also been working on some new musical theatres studio recordings as well – Becoming Bill & The Oasis – so people can look out for those as well.

What can listeners look forward to when your debut album is released on 5 August?
So Glad is available 21 May and that’s a great preview to the album. Although, each song is totally different on the record, there’s so much to discover on it. 

To me, this album feels alive and a lot of fun. It features real musicians and engineers at the top of their game who have given it a sound and energy that isn’t common today.

It’s something you won’t hear on many new records. Maybe people can look forward to… bopping their heads on a bus somewhere? Or perhaps, that’s just me.

Fame Reporter Word Play

Worried Minds
Film clip coming August

Australian theatre

Wesley Enoch & Deborah Mailman (The upcoming 7 stages revival….)

Spirit Animal


Bucket list
A list of buckets?

A great place to get a XXXX. Lol.

Favourite mantra when you are down
I need advice on this!

New York
Can’t wait to get back!

Debut Album

Finally here

Any secret
I make a mean Gnocchi

(Insert the sound of angels ahhhhhh’ing)

Savoury or Sweet

Dressing Room necessity

Favourite Musical

I can’t answer. I plead the 5th. Hahah

Can’t live without

Favourite Artist

Billy Joel.

Place you want to travel to
(when we can) All around Australia on the Worried Minds tour!

Future dream

A second album.

TV Show Binge
Currently… Superstore

Finally, favourite thing about composing
The freedom. To get out of ones own mind.

Thank-you Bradley for joining us at The Fame Reporter and we wish you all the best for your debut album ‘Worried minds’!

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