The Tap Pack – Jordan Pollard

The Fame Reporter interviewed the The Tap Pack’s Jordan Pollard. Jordan is one of the Creative Directors of The Tap Pack. The group has toured throughout Australia and overseas. He stars in the toe-tapping show currently playing its regional Australian Tour – until 18 July.

THE TAP PACK is a high energy, tap comedy show inspired by the infamous “Rat Pack” which included the famous talents of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr.

With dazzling performances on stage, dressed in slick suits and equipped with sharp wit, The Tap Pack is a modern twist on the classic Rat Pack.

We talked to Jordan about the inspiration behind ‘The Tap Pack’, what can audiences expect from the regional tour and more.

Welcome to The Fame Reporter Jordan, what sparked your interest in performing initially? 
Hey! Most people might say that they got into performing early, or my mum put me in dance classes when I was young (which is all true). BUT for me, the spark came later in life. I honestly loved going to live theatre shows and getting immersed in the experience and discovering something new in that world. What a wonderful thing; to go on a journey where you can think, have fun and come out again revitalized. That’s what we try to create with our show… and that’s what keeps me going! 

For you what is the most exciting aspect of returning to the theatre after the hiatus last year? 
We always have a massive amount of fun on stage – and I am missing having a great laugh.

For me, the show is a little bit different, a little bit spontaneous every time we do it, and it keeps us guessing and makes for a unique show for every audience. 

What was the inspiration behind forming ‘The Tap Pack’? 
We always took the initial inspiration from Frank, Dean, Sammy and Co. Who were the original Rat Pack. We loved that a group of talented friends could get together, have a great time, collaborate and entertain so successfully. I mean, it hardly seems like work. So we wanted to do that – do what we do best, with our mates and have a great time doing it! 

Do you have a role in any musical or play that you are dying to play? 
I’m very lucky I’ve been a part of West Side Story and Singin’ in the Rain, which are two of my bucket list shows. I had such a ball doing Avenue Q as well. But I’m happy to be a part of anything with a good story really, I love the process of story-telling… Maybe Elder Cunningham from Book of Mormon. That’s a very funny role! 

How do you change up the show after years of performing in ‘The Tap Pack’?
We think of it like lightning in a bottle. It’s constantly changing and growing and evolving.

We have an incredible cast that bring all their energy and joy to the stage, it’s always a good time. And we absolutely feed off the audience, their vibes direct where the show will go that night. 

What 3 performers dead or alive would you love to have a dinner party with? 
Sammy Davis Jnr, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. I grew up with them and they are my idols. 

What is your favourite moment and the most challenging moment in the show?   
Where to begin… It’s a big show for us and there is a lot of tapping, so the legs always get pretty tired by the end.  Sounds corny but my favourite bit is looking besides me and enjoying the talents of the other guys next to me. Most challenging is the actual touring – driving to the venue, setting up, doing the show, bumping out of the venue, getting to the hotel, sleeping and repeating it all the next day. But it’s made easier with good audiences and the guys in the Pack. 

What is your favourite era of song and dance? 
If I’m in a Tap Pack mood – it’s gotta be the 60s – with hits coming from Frank, Dean and Sammy. But currently I’m listening to some really funky stuff like Lettuce and Cory Wong.

My favourite song of all time is “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra. 

What has it been like working, rehearsing, and collaborating with your fellow ‘Tap Pack’ performers again and what do each of them bring to the show? 
It’s the best. So, we usually have a different combination of cast members every time we go out and for this tour, we have some absolutely fine gentlemen in the Pack. And a new combo of cast members means that the show changes slightly, the energy is different and it’s a fresh feel for the show.

We have some exception singers, some sensational tap dancers and this gives the show a lift. And we are always feeding off the crowd so, the one condition about being a Tap Pack cast member, is just to be open to whatever may happen in the moment, and have a great time. 

Who are your favourite tappers of all time? 
There are so many to choose from. Sammy Davis Jnr for his style, Donald O’Connor for his comedic flair, Fred Astaire for his grace, Ginger Rogers for her panache, Gene Kelly for his athletic ability, Gregory Hines for his ingenuity.  

Congratulations on all of your International success performing around the world, what is one of your proudest achievements? 
There are a few: Performing at the Sydney Opera House, having a season on London’s West End and touring the USA are definitely highlights. Like planning tours, these things take an immense amount of energy and organisation, so when it’s closing night at any show, I’m always happy we were able to get in front of an audience and give them a great time! 

What can audiences expect when they come and see ‘The Tap Pack’ on Tour
We have some of the best tap dancers in Australia, we have some amazing singers, we have a show that has been evolving for 7 years, so there is quite a lot packed in to one performance.  

We have comedy and banter, we sing classic and modern songs and we tip our hat to the legends of The Rat Pack while infusing it all with our unique Aussie larrikinism.

Fame Reporter Word Play
The Tap Pack
Good Times
Spirit Animal
Bucket list
Perform on Broadway 

Favourite mantra when you are down
A shark never stops swimming
Capezio (Our tap shoe sponsors)
Any secret talents
Yes… but they are secret.
Bright lights
ED5 International

Favourite dance move
The Double Clap

Savoury or Sweet

Dressing Room necessity
Hydrolyte, music and roller (to work my leg muscles)


Favourite Musical
Singin’ in the Rain

Can’t live without

Favourite Artist
My daughters drawings

Place you want to travel to?

Future dream?
Take The Tap Pack around the world (again)

TV Show Binge
The Office (US) Or Seinfeld

Finally, favourite thing about performing
Knowing that every show can never be repeated, it’s always unique. 

Thank-you Jordan for joining us at The Fame Reporter and we wish you all the best for The Tap Pack tour around Australia! 

The Tap Pack
18 June – 18 July 2021

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